hi hey hello it’s me, Em

28616981_10160103058785181_7548819004665146909_oI’ve always been a wanderer through life adventuring through mindsets lead by love and energy. 26 years young, I grew up in Michigan, live in the colorful state of Colorado, and look to explore more of this beautiful earth. I  surround myself with a select few people who I absolutely adore. I like to live day by day making the most of each, appreciating the small things. I think quite a deal about the future, but I also aim to live in the present and enjoy what is around me. I am learning how to be the person I want to be by making mistakes, and feeling as much as I can because that’s what it’s all about—feeling. I think it’s incredibly important to act foolishly when you need to, laugh in all the moments you can, and eat enormously disgusting amounts of ice cream. No one has the blueprint of your life, so you might as well make it an interesting design.

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