Thoughts of an insomniac Part 1

3:15 am

If I were a superhero my chosen superhero power would be to perform like I’m on Adderall without actually being on Adderall.

Ooo, that’s the show I’m going to start watching again, Flash.

Is margarita pizza the healthier pizza choice? It must be.

Maybe I should try to get prescribed some Adderall, I did score very on that online ADD quiz I once took. Damn, I think that Adderall documentary I just watched influenced me in the wrong way. But really, maybe I should…

So, if I buy food from work everytime I work at around $5 a night, that’s like $25/week, holy shit that’s $100 a goddamn month. Fuck it, I’m bringing in food tomorrow.

I have to remember to take the chicken out of the freezer tomorrow morning. Sets a reminder on phone. 

Yeah, I’m going to start designing my clothing line tomorrow. I definitely need a cool crewneck one. Is crewneck the word? I mean everybody loves a good sweater without a hood.

Looks at clock. 

…Ok, maybe I’ll try those breathing exercises I read about to help me fall asleep…googles breathing exercises for 10 minutes.

Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for seven, blow out for 8.

Three minutes later.

Did I refill that guy with a regular Pepsi when he was drinking diet?……yep.

Hey, hi it’s me

Things I live by

Choose the buffet

Coffee first, inspiration will probably follow

Dance with your eyes closed

Realize the happy mistakes

When in doubt, go with a reuben

Drink good beer first

Be awkward when the moment deserves it

Sister knows best

“Bad words” my little sister calls me out on

  1. hell- “H-e-l-l”
  2. crap- “gasp That’s a bad word”
  3. damnit- “I’m telling”
  4. stupid- “You’re not supposed to say that”
  5. JESUS- “The J word”
  6. fuck- “You said that RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME”

***Quotations are what my 7-year-old-sister leans over and whispers to me after hearing me say the “bad word”


Wake up happy

Morning Affirmations

I am feeling healthy and strong today.

I am loved by the people I love.

I am unique and proud to be who I am.

I have what I need to be creative and beautiful today.

I am aware of my past, present in this moment, and am ambitious toward my future.

I have the ability to make my ideas reality.

I have the time today to do what I want.

I am emotional, I am caring, I am lead by love.

I have the opportunity to be who I want to be today.

Today I can choose to be happy.

A Project of Lists

This is the start to an ongoing project I want to create. A project of lists. I’m not quite sure how it’s going to turn out, but here I go, let’s hope it can become something cool.  I’m going to post a series of lists, some of them will pertain to my life directly, as most of my blog does, but some are going to be lists written by or for someone else.  They’re not all going to be related to each other, and I’m going to post them sporadically. Lists are a way of keeping things in order, to help us remember what we’re supposed to do or what we want to do because we have a tendency to forget what’s important. I don’t think I’m going to explain these lists, I like the idea of having room for wonder and thought. But, I might change my mind on that, we’ll see…So, I’m going to start with a list that I wrote a while ago. It’s the list that inspired the idea of this project and I stumbled upon it among the dozen of open files I have on my laptop. Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing special but it was important to me when I created it, and it is still important when I reread it now.

This I promise myself.

Take responsibility for myself.

Be creative.


Make money to travel.


Be a proactive sister.

Pull my own weight.

Create lasting relationships.

Do what fulfills me.

Actively work toward something in my future.

Follow my heart.


Know something.