Meditating thoughts

My eyes are hollow. My throat is calm. My legs are draped over the ground and I am sinking deep into my mat. Meditation is coming to the end, and I don’t want to open my eyes. The weight from my life is dripping beneath me. My worries are sinking, sinking, sinking. I could stay here forever–I wish. To me, the end of meditation is the worst. I have to muster all that I can to bring my energy back into my body, and try to hold the relaxation I just obtained for the rest of the day. It’s a daunting task, but I bring the drippings back into me, and wait for the last possible moment to open my eyes. As soon as I do, I know I’ll be back–back to the real world.

This is the world where I have responsibilities. I have money issues, relationship issues, school issues…I don’t want to open my eyes yet. I want to stay in the place I just created for MYSELF. But finally, I have to come back.

It feels like a rubber band slingshots me back into my body, and I open my eyes.


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