Kick off to a kick ass summer

It has been a busy couple weeks. The kick off to my summer “vacation” started with a busy work schedule. Gotta make that money for summer adventures! This month, I plan to continue working as much as I can so I can pay for the fun things coming in June. I’ve realized that if I want to “party” hard, I HAVE to work hard. While it’s not always a joy working while the summer sun is tempting me, I have learned that if I put some time into my job I will have more time to enjoy summer activities. Being a server is definitely  a great job for the summer because I have flexible shifts, and can work for a few hours to make my adventure money!

So, to kick off this blog, here’s a little info on yours truly… 🙂

pinedaem_All About Me

Author: emilysagepineda

29 years young. Michigan State alumni. Weirdo, entrepreneur, food lover, and ice cream addict. Constantly searching for adventures and inspirations in this life of mine.

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