Booty squats

I wanted to get a quick post in today because I haven’t posted this week yet. Today I started researching some new home workouts–my fav. I came across several different types of squats, and tried some of them out. Let me tell you, my legs are SORE. Eek. It’s a good feeling though–thighs and booty burning.

My plan is to write up a personal home workout schedule. Each week I want to establish daily workouts. I want to mix it up a bit to see how much I can challenge myself.





Yikes! Month long goal to get back into shape is a GO!

First photo of this month long process
First photo of this month long process

Author: emilysagepineda

29 years young. Michigan State alumni. Weirdo, entrepreneur, food lover, and ice cream addict. Constantly searching for adventures and inspirations in this life of mine.

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