Cutting Ties

Knot makers. This is what we are.

We loop and pull. We find ways to make sense of things. To feel like we’re not just flying in the air. We tie ourselves to people. To places. To things. Our knots ground us. Connect us. Secure us.

What we don’t realize is that these knots are made of string. They can be cut. Just because you twist yourself into something you don’t know how to untie doesn’t mean it’s permanent. Eventually this knot you created finds its ends in other hands. It gets pulled tighter and tighter by outside forces. So tight that it digs into your skin when you pinch it. It feels like it’s a part of you. But it’s not. It’s an extension of your life. A direction that’s been set. A choice.

One cut, one decision, can free you. You can leave that mess of a knot behind. Let yourself float in the wind a bit. Eventually you’ll catch onto something new. You can choose what to tie yourself to. You can choose what to cut yourself away from. You choose.

Finding the scissors, now that’s a whole other strength.

Lost in the clutter of your life, the desire for change can become misplaced. We find ourselves frustrated with what we have. We put blame on things we don’t understand. We become complacent in our own ignorance.

Until we look in the junk drawer. We stumble upon a tool, an idea, that can show us a craving we didn’t realize we had. The scissors you now hold in your hand empowers you. You see what it takes. One cut of a knot can change your view. Once you do, the world is below you. You can finally see what is around you––where you can tie a new knot. You have options.



Author: emilysagepineda

29 years young. Michigan State alumni. Weirdo, entrepreneur, food lover, and ice cream addict. Constantly searching for adventures and inspirations in this life of mine.

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