Stretchy workout pants are ON

Today is June 1st. I had all intentions to wake up early before work so I could ease into my day. However, I woke up right when I was suppose to leave for my morning shift. Every morning is a struggle. I love the feeling of being awake for the early hours of the day, but the process of actually waking up is a battle every time. When I do wake up early I like to play a lil game called “how much can I get done before noon.” This morning I was not able to play that game. Even though I was able to get off my shift early, I was peer pressured to have a mimosa at the bar. Of course, me being easily convinced, I enjoyed my dose of vitamin C, granted it was more champagne than anything…

I arrived home with the intention to do something productive, then immediately became preoccupied looking through facebook…oops. It’s still early in the day though, and I just drank a pre-workout drink, so it’s safe to say that productivity is on the horizon. I’ve got my stretchy workout pants on, and shaking my loft with some Glass Animals radio station on Pandora. It’s quite nice how loud our speakers get.

So, now I am waiting the 20 minutes I am suppose to wait after I drink my pre-workout. I am actually pretty excited to go for a run today. It has been a great while since I went for a run. Running use to be part of my daily routine. Every day I would have to go for a run or else I would feel off.  But for the past few months, since December, I have yet to set myself up for a run. No intention has been made. I have honestly been a lazy couch potato, eating anything and everything I desire. It’s gotten bad. Usually, I strive to be healthy and make every attempt to keep a healthy lifestyle. I don’t know how I have swayed so far away from it.

 I guess, June 1st sounds like a good day to start something. So today I am going to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. I am going to attempt to run 2 miles outside on the River Trail today. It’s 100% probable I won’t make the full 2 miles running, but I WILL make it to 2 miles. I want to start a cleanse of some sort as well. I am pretty well known for doing cleanses, but I think I want to look into something I haven’t tried before. I need something that is at least 1 week long. My birthday is June 30th, so I also am looking into a month long workout program. I figure I can’t blog about pigging out ALL the time…

Let's do this
Let’s do this

The bottomless pit called my stomach

You know you have a problem when you can no longer taste the crispy cream doughnut sunday you are shoving into your mouth. Looking at me, you wouldn’t suspect pigging out being a regular ritual of mine, however I must confess I do a fair share of late night binge eating. Thanks to mah lady Jane my already overactive sweet tooth turns into a monster I cannot control. Luckily I have been blessed with an oddly awesome metabolism, and each morning I drink my coffee feeling thin and ready for a cheeseburger.

This morning however, I woke up, drank my coffee, and indulged in my favorite yogurt and granola breakfast. Today feels like a good day to start eating healthy…again. Now, you must understand something about me. I am pretty good at sticking to a diet/way of living for roughly about two weeks max…

I have always struggled to keep to a routine. Usually I always go for the healthy alternative. That’s my first reaction and one I truly desire. However on such occurrences that my taste buds shun my brain, I typically then go for the ice cream followed by meaty cravings.

A reverse incident happened last night when my lovely boyfriend, best friend, and I went to a local favorited dive bar for several appetizers and burger meals washed down with our classic drink of choice–cold beers. It was delicious, and there was no guilt in any bite. We then made our journey back to the house where I finished off the night with a Melting Moments ice cream sandwich while getting worked up from a few games of Mario Cart.  I cherish nights like these–great company, great food, great beer, and great laughs. This spring has already had its handfuls of great nights, and I suspect this summer is going to be one of those great ones. 

As to the food issue. I am looking for that motivation to work out daily again and live a more healthy lifestyle. Pigging out is definitely fun, and will probably make its way into my life some nights, but I will not be held down with regret every night. So, cheers to more healthy choices, regular exercising, and feeling great…Maybe a cookie here and there 😉